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Kevin Queille is a film music composer and sound engineer born on July 07, 1987 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Raised in an artistic environment thanks to his parents, both art teachers. He grew up doing short films with his brothers and feeding on the film culture of the 90s. He discovered the world of film music by listening to the themes of John Williams, Hans Zimmer and many composers.

He studied classical piano and percussion at the age of seven and quickly showed an interest in composition. He leaves the classical curriculum to turn then to jazz and improvisation. It was during these years that his first compositions were born.

He also shows an interest in film, especially editing, and begins shooting short films with his brother Thomas Queille. As he goes along, he participates in more and more important projects. He then decides to train for post-production and enrolls in the Applied Arts of Geneva. During his training he realizes that he can link his two passions, music and cinema. He composes the music of the films his brother makes with his synthesizer and discovers the power of FilmScoring. Throughout the projects, he is trained in film music, he learns to record real instruments and to master the music by computer.


It is an encounter with Pierre Morath in 2007, which propels it into the world of Television. He works as an editor and composer on many documentaries for Radio Télévision Suisse, the UN and other institutions. In 2012 he signed the soundtrack of the film "Chronicle of a Forgotten Death" which was awarded the Monte Carlo Golden Nymph.


In 2015-2016 he wrote the music of the documentary "Free To Run", which will be broadcast worldwide in cinema and on television. He is also contacted to compose the music of the documentary "Dr. Jack" who wins many awards in Festivals.


In 2017, he created his own recording studio, the White Room Studio, and inaugurated it by recording a string quartet for the short film "The Magic Lantern". He also recorded the guitars and drums of the music of "Bernhard Russi and Roland Collombin, a duel at the top" for the RTS and CAB Production.


In 2018 he is hired to do the musical supervision of the documentary "Tomorrow Geneva" and composes part of the soundtrack. The film meets a very great cinema success in Geneva.


Currently he works as an independent composer on many projects

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